Upcoming Live Music Events

Andy Webster

Andy Webster

Andy Webster


 Andy will be playing anything from pop, rock and the blues that he grew up loving in Scotland. 

January 10th 6-8pm

February 7th 6-8pm

June 12th 6-8pm

July 17th 7-9pm

August 14th 7-9pm 

Jon Duggan

Andy Webster

Andy Webster


Jon Duggan is one of Atlantic Canada’s most beloved solo performers, Jon has been playing his music for over thirty years. He has developed a strong following and friendships are made wherever he may go. Jon’s voice leads well to a variety of musical styles from Rock to Folk and his song collection is vast. His connection to his audience and sense of humor makes for a memorable evening. Come on down for a cold one and check out some great playing and singing. 

January 24th 6-8pm

February 28th 6-8pm

April 24th 6-8pm

May 1st 6-8pm

June 19th 6-8pm

July 3rd 7-9pm

September 11th 6-8pm

October 16th 6-8pm

November 6th 6-8pm


Jason Dodwell

Jason Dodwell

Jason Dodwell



Jason Dodwell is excited to be playing back in his hometown when he takes the stage at Crystany’s this summer! 

Over the last three decades he has made music a part of his life and brings a mixture of covered and original material to the table. 

Stories of roads less travelled and unique events blend in with his tales of growing up a valley boy. 

He keeps it simple with voice and guitar making for an intimate easy listen experience.

Be sure to catch the show.

January 31st 6-8pm

May 22nd 6-8pm

September 25th 6-8pm

November 13th 6-8pm

December 4th 6-8pm

Guy Paul

Jason Dodwell

Jason Dodwell



Guy Paul Thibault is one of Nova Scotia’s busiest and most in demand performers, performing more than 200 shows a year. His show is the essence of the east coast music scene: A song, a story, and a laugh. All while his guitar never stops. He has also been nominated for multiple awards in Nashville and worldwide for his original material which has gained him 6 top 10 hits worldwide. (New jersey, South Africa, Australia, the UK and beyond)

January 17th 6-8pm

February 14th 6-8om

March 13th 6-8pm

April 17th 6-8pm

May 8th 6-8pm

June 5th 6-8pm

July 5th (Sunday) 1-3pm

August 7th 7-9pm

October 2nd 6-8pm

November 20th 6-8pm

December 11th 6-8pm

Paul Brushett

Paul Brushett

Paul Brushett


Paul Brushett is a Halifax based singer-songwriter. A gifted vocalist with roots in Nova Scotia and Texas, Paul manifests his eclectic musical backgrounds into live performances that span multiple genres from America to country and folk, and much more, blending originals with deep cut covers. Paul is a member of the duo Skin& Jones, who released their debut album Paper Thin in the summer of 2019. 

July 10th 7-9pm

Jason Spinney

Paul Brushett

Paul Brushett


 Jason Spinney is a member of the East Coast Band Witchitaw.  The band's latest album was nominated for the Music Nova Scotia Country Recording of the year.  The first single off the album received nation airplay across Canadian country radio.  However, when not rockin with his band, Jason performs solo acoustic shows, in the classic singer / songwriter style, that feature lots of Witchitaw written songs as well as popular music from the country, rock and blues genres!  Catch his solo performance in June

June 26th 6-8pm

Blue Lane

The Melberns

The Melberns


 Rachael Henderson, Morgan Alexander Cruickshank and Connor Booth make up the  Canadian trio The Blue Lane. The Blue Lane merges the sound of jazz blues, rockabilly and indie rock. The trio's distinctive sound weaves sultry vocals, jazzy guitar shreds and thick beats.    In 2018, The Blue Lane released a full length double concept album “Blue Land (Solar/Lunar).” The album is nominated for Music Nova Scotia's 2018 "Jazz Recording of the Year. “The jazz-inspired instrumental of the songs combined with the folk-style lyrics make for a truly unique combination…,”(Maggie McLean - The East Mag, Sept 24, 2018). The Blue Lane was nominated for best jazz band in The Coast's Best of Halifax 2018.   In 2017, The Blue Lane’s EP “Blind” was awarded Music Nova Scotia’s 2017 "Jazz Recording of the Year.” The title track “Blind” is featured in theAmerican drama film “Every 21 Seconds” (Directed by Kuba Luczkiewicz) along with The Blue Lane’s 2015 debut single “I’ll See You When.”

March 6th 6-8pm

May 15th 6-8pm

August 28th 7-9pm

September 18th 6-8pm

October 30th 6-8pm

The Melberns

The Melberns

The Melberns

The Melberns

 The Melberns, long time friends Bernie Zinck and Melissa Vidito have been playing music together in various forms for over 20 years. From a duo, to small groups, to large bands, they have done it all.   The two met in high school and moved to Hollywood California where they attended  the prestigious Musicians Institute, Bernie for guitar, Melissa for voice. Upon graduation, they moved back to Nova Scotia, where life took them in different directions.  12 years ago Bernie and Melissa formed “The Melberns”, a party band that frequented the Annapolis Valley music scene. After a good run, the band took a break for a few years. Now, The Melberns are returning to the music scene. As the music scene has evolved, so has the band. The Melberns will always be Melissa and Bernie as a duo, however, they are sometimes joined by an assortment of talented musicians to fill out their sound, to form a trio up to a 5 piece band.   They play a wide range of musical genres, covering a little something for everyone. From pop, blues, rock, soul, R&B, funk, country, folk, jazz and more!  

 We are happy to be back and look forward to seeing you at a show!

June 28th (Sunday)- 1-3pm

July 31st- 7-9pm

August 16th (Sunday)- 1-3pm

December 18th- 6-8pm

Inigo Cuartero

Frederic Mujica

Frederic Mujica


Inigo has been performing as a professional musician for more than 20 years from the stages of Los Angeles, California to Hong Kong, Manila and Singapore, now residing in the Annapolis Valley, he is still busy performing solo. His wide array of repertoire, from classic to modern songs shows his unique approach and passion for music.

February 21st 6-8pm

September 4th 6-8pm

October 23rd 6-8pm

November 27th 6-8pm

Frederic Mujica

Frederic Mujica

Frederic Mujica


 Frederic is a professional singer and musician from  Cuba, who now lives in Canada – arriving with a suitcase full of talent. As an engaging performer, Frederic offers music from Latin countries around the world, and depending on the event offers dancing lessons during the break! This engaging performer headlined at Cuba’s highest-rated resorts and crowds from all over the world.He will electrify your audience!  Fred also plays instrumental piano perfect for quiet background music! Which can suit any occasion, beautiful music that has entertained resort vacationers for more then 12 years. 

May 29th  6-8pm

July 24th 7-9pm

August 14th 7-9pm

October 9th 6-8pm

Jim Dan Dee


 Jim rides east alone to satisfy your souls! Don't miss your chance to catch an-up-close-and-personal live performance on the East Coast of Canada.  Don't miss out on his show at the Brasserie!

June 4th (Thursday)  6-8pm